Newspaper “Ghia Boklomi” Is About to Close Down Because of Having No Information

“Lali Gelenava, the chief of the press service department of the President’s representative to the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, Zaza Gorozia’s, has been blocking the information for the correspondents and editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper “Ghia Boklomi” (Open Lock) for four months already. In private talks she said that similar situation will go on until she keeps to her position,” said Ilia Chachibaia, the editor-in-chief for the newspaper.

[19:32 14.02.2007]

On February 9, President Mikheil Saakashvili visited Zugdidi and attended the presentation of the nut factory. All journalists, from the Samegrelo Region and from many other regions, attended the event. Although we had petitioned to her office two days before the event to grant accreditation to our correspondents, Gelenava refused. It was the second occasion she refused us.

Gelenava opposed all media sources and journalists who published the information about the suppression we exercise from her office. They are regional correspondents for newspapers “Basta”, “Kolkhuri Versia”, “Tavisufali Sitkva”; as well as for the radio Imedi, TV Company Mze, TV Company Imedi and radio “Fortuna”.

Representatives of the press service office for the president’s representative to the region try to keep some facts in secret from us that occur in Samegrelo. They do not inform us about scheduled press-conferences, official meetings and do not give public information either. The blockade resulted from the incident that happened in the quarter of Zaza Gorozia on November 4…

As a result, social-political newspaper “Ghia Boklomi” ceased its activities for some time because of having no information to publish. If the situation lasts for a long time, the newspaper will be finally closed down. We urge everyone for assistance.

Ilia Chachibaia, Editor-in-Chief for “Ghia Boklomi”