English Teacher from Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) Dismissed from Program

Nicole Bedford, a national of the Bahamas and a participant of the Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) program describes the story of her employment termination in her blog. Human Rights Center contacted her through Skype and learned her story in detail.

[Nino Tsagareishvili. 19:31 05-04-2011
Nicole had problems with the TLG program from the very beginning- before even arriving to Georgia. According to Nicole, this past September and with only two days remaining before her departure to Georgia, TLG had still not provided her with plane tickets. Nicole was worried about this situation. Accordingly, she posted her concerns on her Facebook status which read: “Whatever happened to professionalism, common courtesy, promptness and consideration?” We cannot quote the status exactly as she was made to remove it only a few hours after posting it.

About an hour after posting this status, Nicole was contacted by Larisa Schirba from Footprints Recruiting (one of TLG’s partner recruiting organizations based in Vancouver, British Columbia) who told her that TLG was going to review her application and that she should apologize to TLG and be careful because of cultural differences. Nicole did so. She sent an e-mail to David Chigolashvili from TLG and apologized for the status posted on her Facebook page.

Nicole’s apology relieved the situation and she was given the opportunity to continue participation in the program. However, Nicole’s problems persisted while living in Georgia. When Nicole voiced her concerns about racist and derogatory comments made to her by a few 10th grade students (Nicole called them “rude” and “disgusting”), she was again asked to remove her comments from her Facebook status.

According to Nicole, a TLG official called and asked her to remove this status as it could upset the parents of these children. Nicole was again forced to obey TLG’s request and removed the status. After being censored a second time Nicole decided she had become tired of being monitored and so she grouped all the TLG staff members and then blocked them from seeing her Facebook wall.

On December 24th, Nicole left Georgia for Christmas vacation. On January 21st she flew from Nassau to London to connect at Heathrow for her flight back to Tbilisi. Before dropping off her luggage she checked her email and found the following e-mail from TLG:

“Dear Nicole,
This letter is in reference to your Employment Agreement that was signed between you and the Legal Entity of Public Law – National Center for Teacher Professional Development. We would like to inform you that your Employment Agreement with TLG is terminated according to the Article 8, Paragraph 8.3.3: “Employee’s behavior is inappropriate for the “Teach and Learn with Georgia” Program throughout the entire Agreement term”.

Our decision was conditioned due to your numerous derogatory and offensive comments made on Facebook about TLG. It is not reasonable for the project to keep the volunteer who offends the TLG and embarrasses it publicly. We consider that you cannot meet our goals with such attitude and our Employment relationships shall be terminated urgently. We cannot entrust the future of our school children to the teacher who is offending their country and people.

It is not your first time expressing the offensive attitude towards the project. In the beginning of the programme TLG gave you a chance and time in order to abide with the local traditions and lifestyle and that was the reason why your contract was not terminated right after the first precedent of the offence expressed from you towards TLG.

Please be informed that your Employment Agreement is terminated from 21th of January 2011 and your flight to Georgia is also cancelled. You are requested to hand in any property of TLG entrusted to you for performing your tasks and discuss any dues owed to you by TLG. Please let TLG know if you left luggage with your former host family in order for us to arrange sending it to you mailing address to our earliest convenience.”

Nicole responded to the letter asking TLG to clarify what they meant when they said she made “derogatory and offensive” comments towards the project. However, she never received an answer.

According to Nicole, she had only made observations on the functional capabilities of TLG, but never expressed herself in a derogatory or offensive manner.

In addition, Nicole states that her Facebook was only viewable to her friends and family that were on her list. Outsiders were not able to access her information as she made her privacy settings air tight and her Facebook wall was blocked for all TLG staff members and students. Thus she wanted her internet privacy.

Nicole considers her dismissal unethical and unlawful and believes her freedom of speech was violated.

Human Rights Center contacted the legal advisor of the TLG program Tamar Mamporia and asked her to comment on this issue.

Tamar Mamporia stated: “We cannot give you information on this issue. Our organization cleared up things with Nicole. Nicole is a problematic person and that is why she left the project. We do not dismiss anyone unjustly. Our last alternative is dismissal. It was her fault to leave the program. I cannot tell you anything more. As for the freedom of expression, it exists unless it infringes the rights of others. We never violated her rights.”

On our question, how exactly Nicole “infringed rights of others,” Tamar Mamporia stated: “I will restrain from talking about the details. I cannot tell you more.”

See Nicole Bedford’s blog: http://infinitedreamernicole.blogspot.com/

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Protest Rally in front of Supreme Court Disbanded, Activists Arrested

The protest rally “I am a prisoner!” held on April 4th in front of the Supreme Court ended with the incident. The law-enforcement officials detained the members of Resistance Movement and the Civil Movement of IDPs.

[16:26 05-04-2011]
The incident occurred after the protestors threw eggs to the Supreme Court building. The protestors hung the mourning coronet at the door of Supreme Court building with the message: “mourning for justice.”

The law-enforcement officials also detained one of the organizers of the protest rally, the deputy of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia Ada Marshania and the member of Georgian Party Ketino Goginashvili.

According to Lasha Chkhartishvili, the head of human rights defense area of Conservative Party, Ketino Goginashvili is a sister of political prisoner Shalva Goginashvili.

The detainees were transferred to the preliminary detention cell. The court discussed the possible administrative sentence at night, as usual.

The court process started at 00.00 am in Tbilisi City Court. The judge Koba Gotsiridze discussed the case.

Following individuals were brought before the court: the deputy of Abkhazia Supreme Council Ada Marshania, the member of Resistance Movement Shota Glurjidze, members of Georgian Party Ketevan Goginashvili and Tengiz Ghlonti, the representatives of Civil Movement of IDPs Genadi Kekelia and Irakli Tsikolia, also the member of Free Democrats Gocha Chkhaidze and other participants of the protest rally – Madona Gogua, Davit Kochiev and Grigol Kharebava, the brother of Zviad Kharebava, former assistant of ex-Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli.

The wife of Grigol Kharebava, Nana Nachkebia stated with the Human Rights Center that her husband has not committed any wrongdoings at the protest rally: “He was detained for no reason. We have the photos taken at the protest rally where it is obvious that Grigol Kharebava has not committed any wrongdoings. I know my husband and I know what he can do. He would not have thrown eggs to the Court building, neither would he have committed other wrongdoins,” – states Nana Nachkebia, spouse of Grigol Kharebava.

According to one of the organizers of the protest rally, the head of media union Objective Irma Inashvili, the protest rally was authorized and they had not committed any wrongdoings.

“The first part of the protest rally was held in front of Rustaveli where more than 2 thousand people gathered. Then we moved to the Supreme Court. Small informative action was held in front of the court. When it was over and the young people put the mourning coronet at the door of the court building, patrol police started acting which was mobilized at the office of TV Company Alania. Then the patrol police officials were assuring that the population residing nearby protested about the action. This is a lie. People had not expressed any protest. On the contrary, they joined the mood of the protestors. The protestors expressed themselves in a peaceful way. As for the fact of throwing eggs to the building of the Ministry, let us recall that in 2010 142 prisoners have been killed in the prisons! On this light, can we talk about whether or not the parents of the killed prisoners threw eggs at the court building?! On the light of this statistics, can we talk about throwing eggs?!” – stated Irma Inashvili while talking with Human Rights Center.

The members of the Resistance Movement and the leaders of the opposition gathered in front of the court: Nino Burjanadze, Irakli Batiashvili, Bidzina Gegidze, Lasha Chkhartishvili, the singer Giorgi Gachehiladze and others…

Resistance Movement thinks that the arrest of protestors at the Supreme Court building was a challenge from the government. The special statement of the movement states the corresponding.

“We, the members of the Resistance Movement will not yield any our requests and will continue our protest rallies which will be joined by more and more people. The persecution and arrest of peaceful protestors is a challenge from the government that we accepted. We will not surrender! We will fight until we win,” – reads the statement.

According to them, the protest rally in front of the Supreme Court was peaceful, but the patrol police made a siege and tried to intentionally arrest the participants.

“When the national channels systematically cover the protest rallies happening in other countries the participants of which destroy the windows, burn and explode buildings and physically fight against police, Georgian law-enforcement bodies try to openly provoke the peaceful protestors and arrest them afterwards,” – states the Resistance Movement.

Tbilisi City Court imposed administrative arrest against four detainees and fined six.

The representative of Civil Movement of IDPs Genadi Kekelia was imposed with 25-day arrest, another member of the movement Irakli Tsikolia – 20-day arrest. Grigol Kharebava and the representative of Georgian Party Davit Kochiev were imposed with 20-day arrest.

Ada Marshania, the deputy of Abkhazia Supreme Council, Shota Glurjidze, the member of the Resistance Movement, Ketevan Goginashvili and Tengiz Ghlonti from the Georgian Party, the activist of Free Democrats Gocha Ckhaidze and one more participant of the protest rally, Madona Gogua were imposed with 400 GEL fine.

As the lawyer of Gocha Ckhaidze Shalva Shavgulidze stated to interpressnews, the process in the Tbilisi City Court ended at the dawn at 4:00 am. According to him, the judge refused to examine the video material and relied only on the testimonies of the policemen.

One of the organizers of the action Lasha Chkhartishvili states that the video recording clearly shows how several individuals were detained by the police quite afar from the action: “We presented the request to the Court to check the video recording of the external surveillance of the pawnshop located near the place of the protest rally. Our request was not rendered. This video recording clearly shows i.e how Ada Marshania was detained for approximately a kilometer and a half afar near the Cinema House. Also, three more participants of the protest rally were detained at Rustaveli, near the store Garderobi and not directly at the protest rally as the law-enforcement officials assure. This would have been clearly reflected on the video recording of the external surveillance of the camera. However, the court did not render our request,” – stated Lasha Ckhartishvili to Human Rights Center.

The detainees were found guilty in the administrative wrongdoing, namely small hooliganism and disobedience to the requests of the policemen.
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Defying Sexual Mores in Conservative Georgia

IT is not steady work being a professional sex kitten in Georgia. If she had not learned this as a cover model for Georgian Playboy (which closed after eight issues), Shorena Begashvili understood perfectly after her erotic television talk show was shut down (after six months).

[nytimes. 14:29 19.02.2011]
By that time, the show’s demise was so universally anticipated that one Tbilisi blogger polled his readers on “When will ‘Night With Shorena’ be canceled?” The producers were so cautious that the show had tried to offer an erotic twist on clothing, or cooking. “To be honest,” Ms. Begashvili said, “we talked about everything except sex.”

It’s par for the course in a country caught between colliding forces: the pro-Western transformation undertaken by Mikheil Saakashvili’s government and the deep, tidal pull of a conservative culture. Few subjects highlight these crosscurrents as starkly as sex, and a generation of young Georgians is caught in between, said Ms. Begashvili, 28.

“They don’t understand — are they allowed to do it, or not?” said Ms. Begashvili, a husky-voiced actress who manages, like Marilyn Monroe before her, to be simultaneously knowing and daffy. “They can’t get an answer from anyone. If they ask their mother, their mother will say no, not until you are married. So they have no idea what to do.”

Since the days when amorous men routinely kidnapped their brides, families in the Caucasus have been characterized by what sociologists politely refer to as “gender asymmetry.” Women were expected to remain virgins until marriage — the groom’s mother checked the sheets — while men enjoyed exuberant sexual freedom, typically continuing after they were married.

These customs persist to a surprising extent. Young men in search of sexual experience are taken by older relatives to prostitutes, and there is a healthy market for hymen reconstruction, known euphemistically as “jewelry work.” In a survey of 3,000 college students from across Georgia conducted last year by the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis, 91.4 percent of men said they had had sex at least once; the number for women was only 15.1 percent.

But the traditions are being questioned, especially in a capital city that is emphatically tilting West. Television, influenced by the government, gently pushes cultural norms in a liberal direction; the new season of a “Friends”-inspired sitcom has added an unmarried couple living together, for instance. Documentaries examine the “institution of virginity” with anthropological neutrality, and a young American unleashed a flood of commentary with a frank blog posting about Georgian sexual mores. (It warned of “an army of uncles and cousins who will wish to do you harm.”)

MS. Begashvili is one of the few public figures to have tried a full-on assault on virginity, though she notes that her scripts were prepared for her.

She marshaled her arguments during a broadcast of “Night With Shorena” in January 2010, when, dressed in a deep violet, bosom-promoting pantsuit, she said on her show that it was “scientifically proven” that couples who married without first having sex were more likely to divorce. She made the case that Georgian women had never been particularly chaste, citing a historian who said that when the Persian shahs were replenishing their harems, they had to use different rules for Georgian women, “probably because it was difficult to find virgins.”

At that point, conservative activists began picketing the station. In a formal complaint, the Union of Orthodox Parents denounced the “Shorenization of society,” declaring that “virginity has served as our moral compass before the Mongol invasion and thereafter.” A few months later, the show was off the air; its producers cited “unprofitability,” but broken taboos lurked in the background.

Iago Kachkachishvili, who heads the sociology department at Tbilisi State University, said the show seemed more aimed at attracting viewers than setting off a sexual revolution. After it was canceled, Georgian society returned to its default mode on the matter: Silence. He calls the gender imbalance “a typical Oriental mentality,” evidence that the cultural upheaval that swept the West in the 1960s and 1970s never made it as far as Georgia.

“It’s terrible for women,” Mr. Kachkachishvili said. “You can really find women not having sex in their lives at all. Not even one time. They die, sometimes, without having had sex.”

Ms. Begashvili has her own opinion about virginity. She was a 16-year-old virgin when she married her boyfriend — mainly, she says in retrospect, because she wanted to have sex. At 18, she was at home with a baby, watching her husband get dressed to go out for the night.

“I watched serials on television, and looked at myself in the mirror, and I understood I had to do something,” she said. “I understood that it would go on in the same way. He would cheat on me, and I would be at home. I thought for five years. After five years, I got divorced.”

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China's new stealth fighter may use US technology

Chinese officials recently unveiled a new, high-tech stealth fighter that could pose a significant threat to American air superiority — and some of its technology, it turns out, may well have come from the U.S. itself.

[foxnews. 16:55 22.01.2011]
Balkan military officials and other experts have told The Associated Press that in all probability the Chinese gleaned some of their technological know-how from an American F-117 Nighthawk that was shot down over Serbia in 1999.

Nighthawks were the world's first stealth fighters, planes that were very hard for radar to detect. But on March 27, 1999, during NATO's aerial bombing of Serbia in the Kosovo war, a Serbian anti-aircraft missile shot one of the Nighthawks down. The pilot ejected and was rescued.

It was the first time one of the much-touted "invisible" fighters had ever been hit. The Pentagon believed a combination of clever tactics and sheer luck had allowed a Soviet-built SA-3 missile to bring down the jet.

The wreckage was strewn over a wide area of flat farmlands, and civilians collected the parts — some the size of small cars — as souvenirs.

"At the time, our intelligence reports told of Chinese agents crisscrossing the region where the F-117 disintegrated, buying up parts of the plane from local farmers," says Adm. Davor Domazet-Loso, Croatia's military chief of staff during the Kosovo war.

"We believe the Chinese used those materials to gain an insight into secret stealth technologies ... and to reverse-engineer them," Domazet-Loso said in a telephone interview.

A senior Serbian military official confirmed that pieces of the wreckage were removed by souvenir collectors, and that some ended up "in the hands of foreign military attaches."

Efforts to get comment from China's defense ministry and the Pentagon were unsuccessful.

China's multi-role stealth fighter — known as the Chengdu J-20 — made its inaugural flight Jan. 11, revealing dramatic progress in the country's efforts to develop cutting-edge military technologies.

Although the twin-engine J-20 is at least eight or nine years from entering air force inventory, it could become a rival to America's top-of-the-line F-22 Raptor, the successor to the Nighthawk and the only stealth fighter currently in service.

China rolled out the J-20 just days before a visit to Beijing by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, leading some analysts to speculate that the timing was intended to demonstrate the growing might of China's armed forces.

Despite Chinese President Hu Jintao's high-profile visit to the United States this week, many in Washington see China as an economic threat to the U.S. and worry as well about Beijing's military might.

Parts of the downed F-117 wreckage — such as the left wing with US Air Force insignia, the cockpit canopy, ejection seat, pilot's helmet and radio — are exhibited at Belgrade's aviation museum.

"I don't know what happened to the rest of the plane," said Zoran Milicevic, deputy director of the museum. "A lot of delegations visited us in the past, including the Chinese, Russians and Americans ... but no one showed any interest in taking any part of the jet."

Zoran Kusovac, a Rome-based military consultant, said the regime of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic routinely shared captured Western equipment with its Chinese and Russian allies.

"The destroyed F-117 topped that wish-list for both the Russians and Chinese," Kusovac said.
Russia's Sukhoi T-50 prototype stealth fighter made its maiden flight last year and is due to enter service in about four years. It is likely that the Russians also gleaned knowledge of stealth technology from the downed Nighthawk.

The F-117, developed in great secrecy in the 1970s, began service in 1983.

While not completely invisible to radar, its shape and radar-absorbent coating made detection extremely difficult. The radar cross-section was further reduced because the wings' leading and trailing edges were composed of nonmetallic honeycomb structures that do not reflect radar rays.
Kusovac said insight into this critical technology, and particularly the plane's secret radiation-absorbent exterior coating, would have significantly enhanced China's stealth know-how.

Alexander Huang of Taipei's Tamkang University said the J-20 represented a major step forward for China. He described Domazet-Loso's claim as "a logical assessment."

"There is no other stronger source for the origin of the J-20's stealthy technology," said Huang, an expert on China's air force. "The argument the Croatian chief-of-staff makes is legitimate and cannot be ruled out."

The Chinese are well-known perpetrators of industrial espionage in Western Europe and the United States, where the administration has also been increasingly aggressive in prosecuting cases of Chinese espionage.

Western diplomats have said China maintained an intelligence post in its Belgrade embassy during the Kosovo war. The building was mistakenly struck by U.S. bombers that May, killing three people inside.

"What that means is that the Serbs and Chinese would have been sharing their intelligence," said Alexander Neill, head of the Asia security program at the Royal United Services Institute, a defense think tank in London. "It's very likely that they shared the technology they recovered from the F-117, and it's very plausible that elements of the F-117 got to China."
Stojanovic reported from Belgrade. Associated Press reporters Snjezana Vukic in Zagreb, and Peter Enav in Taipei contributed to this report.

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Saakashvili’s Terminology is Assessed by Journalists and Psychologists

According to the experts’ assessment, President’s manner of speaking bears no other criticism. The psychologists call the statements made by the President in “Free University” as “insulting and discriminative”.

[Lela Chkareuli. 19:18 26.12.2010]
Media experts and psychologists openly dislike the manner of speech of Saakashvili. As the media expert Ia Antadze told “Interpressnews”, she did not notice any exception in the President’s last speech. In her words, the same manner of speech is characteristic to the President while speaking about opponents. “This is a terminology which is characteristic to him occasionally, especially when he speaks about political opponents. It was emotionally more painful for me when I saw the reaction of the youth who listened him with quite agreeable expression and smiled at his words.

We, older generation, must be more exacting towards the President’s such statements in order to show our youth that this is absolutely unacceptable and our country will not prosper as a democratic state”, - says Antadze

As the media expert Zviad Koridze says, the President’s manner of speech does not bear any criticism any more.

“During the six presidential years, Saakashvili could not find healthy and optimal way of speech with which he must address to the society. This is not the first case, when the President speaks in a manner no one speaks like in a street. But there is another problem too. He does not speak in a former party nomenclator’s language. He is striving to disrupt an old language, but he is using a language that is absolutely inadequate to the way of speaking the President must use”, - notes Koridze.

The psychologists call the President’s statements made yesterday “insulting and discriminative”. As the psychologist Lela Gaprindashvili noted while talking with “Interpressnews”, making references towards his opponents by using such terminology is inadmissible.

“Speeches of people having rather inferior responsibilities are more feasible than of the President’s ones – this is a paradoxe. One should not argue with political opponents using insulting words. You may not agree or have your own arguments, but it is not simply serious to think you are a winner by abusing your opponent”. - noted Gaprindashvili.

We’d like to remind you the fact when the President Saakashvili had the meeting with the students of “Free University”, he called one of his opponents moron owing to the opposite opinion regarding to learning English, but he named Kakha Kukava as an example of Georgian democracy who woke up with a hangover.

Saakashvili calls for opponents to realize that “ independence and democracy are not only pluralism or freedom of idea communication, but also a big responsibility”.

As he said while meeting with the students, different from political opponents, freedom is a great responsibility for him first, and not only the fact that every TV abuses the government all day and night. The test of freedom existence or non-existence in the country nowadays is rather simple for me. For example, when someone even Kakha Kukava wakes up with a hangover in the morning and it occurs to him to share his own ideas with all Georgia at 3 in the afternoon, Kukava does have such a chance in today’s media system. This is the test of democracy for him.

Saakashvili talks again about necessity of knowing English language and he sharply criticizes the movers who made the statements against the tendency:

“This is not my obsession or stubbornness that you should know a foreign language. This is a method that helps people to achieve something in their life; One moron said on one channel some days ago that the Georgians had not needed to learn English for three thousand years and what the use was to learn it then”.

According to the President’s statement, the Georgians have always been curous people. He gave “the Knight in the Panther’s Skin” as an example, and he called it the micro model of the universe and noted that all the universe is described in it: When you live in a small country and want to succeed and fight to survive, it is impossible you are unaware of what happens in other world”.

The anti English idea belongs to one of the leaders of “National Forum” Gubaz Sanikidze, who speaks about it everywhere – on TV channels, press and while meeting with the population. Sanikidze thinks that in Georgia, the process of “Singapurization” is under way that aims at adoption of another state language, mainly – English language.

“What’s the use of knowing English for us? Why is English persisted in? Nobody speaks in English in our neighborhood. Some dimwit “Mishist” can say that we are stepping into Europe. First, Europe strongly locked its door against us and on the other hand–German and French languages are main languages in Europe nowadays”.

Someone may say that English is needed for tourism development. We can never be superior to Italy and Spain in tourism sphere, but go to Spain and Italy and you will see if anybody needs knowing English. We need it because the Boers, the Chinese and the Indians will arrive here and have to speak English with them”, - said Sanikidze in the interview granted to the press.

An ideological secretary of the “National Forum” does nor rule out that in case of continuing such policy, Georgian language will become only a religious language after one generation.

Meanwhile, Kakha Kukava threats Saakashvili by starting legal proceedings in the court. The member of assembly hall group “Dedakalaki” gave the President one week time limit for presenting the allegation according which November 7, 2007 action was organized by the generals of FSB and Badri Patarkatsishvili. Kukava spoke about it yesterday’s briefing hold Tbilisi Assembly Hall.

According to Kukava’s evaluation, the President offended Georgian society by the statement he made yesterday. “I give Mikheil Saakashvili one week term to confirm the fact of involvement of the generals of FSB and Badri Patarkatsishvili in organizing November 7, 2007 action and to present the relevant allegations to Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia and Georgian society. Otherwise, we will take unprecedented collective appeal to the court”, - said Kukava and added that the appeal would be taken to the court with 10 thousand peoples’ signature who took part in November 7, 2007 action.

We want to remind you that Saakashvili while visiting “Free University” also stated that November 7, 2007 action was organized by the generals of FSB and Badri Patarkatsishvili.

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Indiana Jones and the Lost Country

“I feel myself to be Indiana Jones, who has just made a new discovery” – these words of Mikheil Saakashvili made clear number of issues: otherwise, some of us though he felt himself to be the Terminator, especially in that times of august 008, in the center of Gori, with a military waistcoat put on (that movie ended in a very short time), while the others though he was Tarzan, when glanced him half nude in the TV sequence shot on the Batumi seashore. Nobody can exclude that tomorrow he will feel himself as Spiderman or Batman. But no! He cant be the Batman - this vacancy has already been occupied by another man.

[Dimitri Moniava. 00:57 23-12-2010]

President in the Batman’s Uniform

Abdala Bukaram – he was the president of Ecuador who walked in Batman’s uniform and felt himself fine until 1997, when the country’s parliament being encircled by the civil demonstration participants, dismissed him from the position by an unprecedented reason - “Mentally incapable to perform the duties of Head of State”

No parallels, but we’d like simply to remind a sad history: “Abdala Bukaram was a charismatic lawyer occurred on the top of the state power as a result of an unbridled populism (like another man, as I remember, but I‘ll not say his name). His nickname was quite simple and understandable – “El Loco” (“Mad”, in Spanish). He liked to appoint his friends, relatives and pretty women on the top positions: “Beauty is the main thing – he underlined – A pretty woman can attract any politician (for a clear reason, I wanted to write “Investor”, but abstained myself)”

During the concert shows Bukaram was jumping on the stage, moreover, he was singing the songs and even issued the compact-disc titled “President’s Songs” (perhaps, the similar events will become real in our country, as well). He called his political opponents as the spies of foreign state (under the term “Foreign State” he implied the USA)

This idyll ended in early 1997, when Bukaram invited to Ecuador a very popular “Guru” in the field of economy – Domingo Cavalo, from Argentina, became greatly enthusiastic with his recommendations and . . . put on the Batman’s uniform and appeared in the TV studio to report personally to the whole nation the plan of economic survival of the country.

Taxes are sharply increase, municipal charges and transportation fees as well as the rate of inflation reached a critical point, and, recently, the prices on the food products jumped up considerably (No parallels, no!). At the same time, Burakam wearing the Batman’s uniform was standing before the TV cameras and saying about a unprecedented renaissance of the country

The films shot in that days of overturn of Burakam, show well how people is running o the Presidential Palace – absolutely spontaneously, without any preparation – some of them in the home dresses and shoes, with hammers, port, in their hands; They did not want elementary to see him any more.

But, despite the general madness, Burakam proved to be rather clever not to fire the people, since he realized that there remained no preconditions for his further stay on the post and, he preferred to run away from the country. As some people say, he still considered himself as he president and keeps in the wardrobe the Batman’s uniform hoping that the time will come to put it on again

Despite the fact whether this or that unsuccessful leader thinks he is the Batman, the Indiana Jones or the King-Kong (quite a wide choice is offered by the cinematography , but classical phrase – “I am Napoleon” is not any more in fashion), a moment comes when he must go. This happens where a leader has not any more a possibility to carry our more or less positive policy and, there exist no favorable foreign-policy factors to preserve the state power. A time period from recognizing an existence of such factors to “dismantling” the state power, is very difficult to pass. To this end, a chrestomathic example is the late period of governance of the Somosa’s dynasty in Nicaragua.

Many persons (their number is critically large) considers that Saakashvili’s power has not any more the possibilities to conduct an effective and result-giving policy, settle the territorial integrity-related problems, guarantee the country’s security, introduce a real democracy and take steps for promoting the economic development. During the last years, especially – after the 2008 August War, no progress has been observed in any of the above listed directions, while for a governing group, preservation of their position in the state power is he main purpose, that is impossible to achieve. By view of the internal policy, Mikheil Saakashvili is facing with the same difficulties, as the “Batman” Abdala Bukaram in that times. As to the external factors, here the things are of the much more complex nature.

Captured by Obsessions

The US foreign policy, undoubtedly one of the most well-sensible and effective throughout the world, has one defect. Americans are declined to obsessions and, frequently follow incorrect strategy, even in cases when the facts prove that it is mistake. In all major crushes of the US foreign policy the signs of obsessions are clearly seen with the naked eye

Two examples: At the end of 1970s the Americans did all to preserve the Shah’s regime in Iran, since they thought it was answering their best interests. Washington followed this line strictly and abstained itself even to infringe in an imaginable “stability”, even in the moment when it has become clear for everyone that and the state power in Iran could be overturned soon unless fundamental changes of the regime are undertaken. The result is known: Shah was overturned and the power received the people with whom the USA cannot find even a point of contact up now, after 30 years from that events.

In the South Vietnam, the USA was continuing a strong support of Nguen Van Thivu’s regime even in hat time when it became clear that for the countries population there was nothing hate on the earth than this corrupted band. Money and Time, which could be quite enough to form a more or less normal state and support to comparatively civilized political forces, were spent useless. As a result, when communists started a march to Saigon, a prevailing part of the population met them with joy or a full indifferent. Americans lost Vietnam, but despite the fact that their troops were not participated in the final battles, they introduced themselves defeated, for the whole world.

It seems that a factor of obsession plays an important role in the course of support of Saakashvili’s regime by Washington. If assess the current developments impartially, it seems that the said factor caused to the US interests in the region a damage, not a benefit.

Just during governance of this regime the Russian military forces strengthened their positions on the Georgian territory, on the south side of the Caucasian Gorge, as a result, the importance of the military place of arm of both Georgia and the USA reduced to the zero point, practically. At the same time, the Russians took under their practical control the air space of Georgia. A function of Georgia as of a transit-country, became questionable, resulted in a rapid lowering of the interest of other countries, to it. Moreover, many nations especially those from the third world, understood the 2008 August events as the fact hat the USA failed to protect its ally. At the same time, the internal policy conducted by Saakashvili, caused a sharp increase of the anti-American attitude, in almost the same degree as one can observe in the Latin American banana republics. Its interesting what a benefit the USA gained by all these events? and, which are the further surprises Saakashvili is preparing to them, if preserving his power for a long term?

During the last two years Saakashvili’s supporters are “unhappy” because Barak Obama not John McCain entered the oval room. However we can say with high probability that McCain who is distinguished himself by the ideas of confrontation with Kremlin, could use Georgia as a grenade shot to the Russia’s direction. It is difficult to count a damage caused the Russian as a result of the above, but within the limits of this scenario, it could have no importance for us, because the fate of Georgia in this case would be the same as the one of a grenade broken in f

Obama’s administration acts much more rationally. Its main priority is to minimize the global risks, that is necessary in conditions when the USA fights against the economic (and not only) crisis. On this stage, confrontation with any nation - no matter it is Russia or China (if say nothing about the European Union), is not a right way the USA could follow up. As to the USA-Russia relations, the existing controversies are in the course of settling on after another. Is the further support of Saakashvili’s power within the frameworks of the context of this logic? Perhaps, no, because he is a non- prognosticated person, still shares some dangerous theories of neocons and, to say shortly “Feels himself to b the Indiana Jones”. Although, the inertia of obsession regarding a necessary support to Saakashvili’s power, a fear of the uncontrolled destabilization in the Region, a wish of preserving the west-oriented forces in the state power, possibilities of a sharp criticism by side of the Republican Party because of “leaving lone the ally” and a number of other factors, makes it difficult for the White House to terminate fully assistance to Saakashvili and support the radical political changes in Georgia. The similar things took place several times in the US foreign policy, including the Iran and Saigon events mentioned above

The Fall Marathon
In the Closed Circle

All the aforementioned are important, inter alia, because the Americans have a very serious influence over a large part of the Georgian opposition, for practically all pro-western forces in Georgia, “a friendly advice“ is much more valuable than an own opinion or an order of a protesting electorate. If not such the “advices”, the events at the edge of 2007-2008 and in the Spring of 2009 could be developed under quite another scenario. These political Parties even today are not using all their chances provided by the difficult situation in which the governing group is. instead, they are involved with the great optimism in negotiations regarding improvement of the elections-related environment; “The state power is ready to re-consider its positions in all issues and, if the main problems are agreed, as a result of these negotiations we will receive a qualitatively new Code of Elections” – David Gamkrelidze states in conditions, where the state power’s position is quite rigid: a) No to changes in the majoritary electoral system; b) No to consideration of the early elections; c) A desire of inclusion of other parties (its satellites, presumably) in the process; d) Attempts of extending the negotiations till the Spring of the next year. At the same time, many observers are sure that “Despite the fact that a number of certain changes may be made in the Electoral Code, the “wishes” of forging the elections will in all case be remained therein.

The negotiation itself, is a wonderful thing, however, in this given case, its productivity is under a serious doubt. An approach of some of the participants of this process is understandable, because they were long ago “recommended” to prepare themselves for the 2012 elections and stop thinking about the alternative scenarios. But, a position of the “National Forum” still remains unclear.

Because of imprisonment of one of their party members they refuse to sit at the table of negotiations and, at the same time are not in a hurry to perform their promise announced at the beginning of this Fall (concerning the strong fight and achievement of the real results). Today this my be assessed as a political maneuver, but after one or two weeks, a certain disappointment may be spread through that part of the protesting electorate, who believed in the Fall promises of the “National Forum” (it is interesting, whether American partners provided them with some recommendations or not).

On his background, a radically thinking part of the society will decide what to do after November 25, when the Nino Burjanadze’s “Meeting of Peoples Representatives” is planned to be held.

At the same time, on the anniversary of the “Rosy revolution”, Saakashvili will also have a certain attempt to introduce maximally that his policy is strongly supported within the country. Therefore, a crossing point of these two lines will define a dramaturgy of the forthcoming political week.

"georgia & world"

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World Press Freedom Day 2011 to focus on 21st century media

"21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers" is the theme of the next edition of World Press Freedom Day, which will be celebrated on 3 May 2011. Events are planned in more than 100 countries to celebrate the Day, which also marks the 20th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration for the promotion of free and pluralistic media.

[media.ge. 23:41 19-12-2010]
Among the highlights will be the presentation of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. The award ceremony will be held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The Prize, created in 1997, is awarded annually to a person, organization or institution that has made an important contribution to the defence and/or promotion of press freedom, anywhere in the world, especially if it involved taking risks.

An international conference will also be held in Washington from 1-3 May on the theme for the Day, organised by UNESCO, the U.S State Department and over 20 civil society partners. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is a leading funder of the event, which will be supported by private donations. The conference will be held at the Newseum, which is a museum devoted to the history of the press and to freedom of expression worldwide. Discussions will focus on the increasing role of the internet, the emergence of new media and the dramatic rise in social networking. For a complete list of the organizations welcoming this dialogue and volunteering to support the co-hosts in organization of the event, click here.

A special event is planned for 4 May at United Nations headquarters in New York to mark the 20th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration. Adopted in 1991 after a conference held in Windhoek (Namibia) on the development of a free African press, this declaration emphasizes the importance of an independent press for the development and preservation of democracy and economic development. Two years later, the UN General Assembly established World Press Freedom Day.

This anniversary will be celebrated in Windhoek with a regional conference to review the future of the media in Africa. A publication, "So this is media freedom? 20 years after the Windhoek Declaration on press freedom", analysing two decades of media freedom in Africa, will be launched.

In the Arab States, UNESCO and the satellite network Al Jazeera will work together to host a series of events to mark the Day.

UNESCO is also encouraging all those who are celebrating World Press Freedom Day to observe a minute of silence in memory of the journalists who have given their lives for our right to be informed.

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Court Dismissed Complaint by the Kviris Palitra and its Journalist

At the October 15 trial Tbilisi City Court dismissed the complaint lodged against parapsychologist Irakli Lomaia by the Georgian weekly Kviris Palitra and its journalist Khatuna Paichadze.

[Lana Beridze. 04:00 16.10.2010]
The editorial office along with its journalist has accused the parapsychologist of slander. In addition journalist Khatuna Paichadze, citing the humiliation of her honor and dignity as a motive, demands a compensation of GEL 50,000.

On July 2, 2010 the Kronika newscast on Imedi TV aired a report containing a record of the interview with Irakli Lomaia and an audio record. As it turned out in the course of the trial the audio record had been delivered to the TV company by Irakli Lomaia.

Irakli Lomaia accused the Kviris Palitra of the extortion of money from different organizations. According to the audio record Khatuna Paichadze was extorting money from him. The editorial staff considers the information has humiliated the business reputation of the newspaper.

In the course of the October 15 trial the judge said that Lomaia had truly slandered Khatuna Paichadze since the voice being heard in the audio record is not the journalist's. Nevertheless, the judge pointed out, the journalist hadn't been inflicted so much damage to impose a fine of GEL 50,000 on Lomaia.

Following the trial Zviad Kordzadze, the lawyer of the Georgia's one of the highest-circulation newspapers said reporting to Media.ge that the court decision will be appealed at the court of the higher instance.

"The motivation of the judge is incomprehensible when saying that Khatuna Paichadze was slandered but she hadn't been inflicted damage," Kordzadze said.

"Irakli Lomaia's accusation against the Kviris Palitra on the extortion of money was disseminated through the 20:00 o'clock Kronika news not through any of the regional newspapers which has greatly affected the newspaper's business reputation," the lawyer added.

Earlier, in the course of the October 8 trial Irakli Lomaia's lawyers called upon the Kviris Palitra and Khatuna Paichadze to shake hands.

"I urge you to complete the case with an agreement. Let's shake hands and withdraw the complaint," Lomaia's lawyer Temur Tabatadze told the complainants. In addition, he said, an unsubstantiated complaint lodged against his client shouldn't be satisfied.

According to the lawyer Temur Tabatadze reported that Irakli Lomaia was really sure he was speaking to Khatuna Paichadze since he had been extorted money on her behalf.

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Zugdidi - Georgia City, Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti and Zugdidi district administrative center. Odishi cultivated plain, the river edge chkhoushis altitude of 110 m height. Population 69 000 (2009).

... Zugdidi State History - Museum - Founded in 1921 Samegrelo mtavarta former palaces preserved in archives and on the basis of things. Placed dadianiseul 2 Palace in Zugdidi. The museum display at the side of archaeological (Paleolithic, neolitisa and Bronze Age objects) and ethnographic (rural - agricultural weapons, household items, clothing, housing structures - patskha, jargvali "," Ode "- and other samples) material. Presents the history of feudal reflecting eksponantebi. Samegrelo Dadiani last ruler of David and his family possessions. Dadianis Zugdidi historical palaces - the architectural exhibits are of world importance of museum exhibits and religious sitsmindeebi. Museum is located around the main Samegrelo Dadiani planted by the forest - 67 hectare park, which grow from around the world and brought many unique trees, trees and shrubs. Dadianis historical palaces - Architectural Samegrelo Palace Museum - is located in the complex (the Queen's Palace, nikoseuli palace, temple and palace mtavriseuli with the decorative garden). Dedopliseuli palace of XIX - The 60 - Jan worked in the former German architect Rice, before the Ruler of Samegrelo David's sister, was pupis Palace. Rice II floor of the arches and a wide wing daashena miushena. Nikoseuli XIX century palace - a 80 - Jan was built in the Russian architect Leonid Vasiliev's. Two-storey residence, decorated with stone balcony and Georgia, the biggest ball-room. The museum was founded in April 1921, the Ruler of Samegrelo David Levan, son of the old Dadiani nivtta repository - sagandzurisa Samegrelo and churches - monasteries gadmotanili Georgian Antiquities from the base. The funds reserved in the 50000 - to exhibits, the National (Bronze Age from Beginning of the end of the XIX century Dadianis memorial finished goods) and the European cultural heritage samples.

Zugdidi Drama Theatre named after Shalva Dadiani Zugdidi Drama Theatre, Drama Theatre Georgian Zugdidi. Stsenismoqvareta performances of the XIX century II half of the governed. The first play, Moliere "force a doctor," April 11, 1869, Anton has come purtseladzem. 1907-1908 he was in the Zugdidi Social - Democratic Party, a dramatic circle, E.. Sec. "Mushuri dramtsre, which united 125 stsenismoqvares. Members of the circle since 1915 ruled the literary evenings, taking performances. Then used to come to L.. Meskhishvili, Valerian Gunia, Shalva Dadiani elepter Andronikashvili, Alexander Imedashvili Vakhtang Urushadze and others. In 1932, Zugdidi established the first professional Drama Theatre, which in 1959 was named after Shalva Dadiani. Theatre for a new building built in 1932 on 11 August, the first plays presented by Nicholas Shiukashvili "Justice" (directed by George pronispireli) and Peter Samsonidze "bus" (Directed by G. Pronispireli and so on. Tsitsishvili). At different times in the theater worked R.. Kartvelishvili, V.. Daraseli, L.. Chedia, A.. Tarkhan - Mouravi, P.. Pataraia, G. Ioseliani, Gregory Lagidze, Sh. Mzhavanadze, V.. Mchedlidze, Vakhtang gariki, V.. Qushitashvili G. Gabunia and others. Over the years the artist tetr mushobda Irakli Gamrekeli. It is noteworthy performances from: Sandro Shanshiashvili "Anzor" (1933), Boris lavreniovis "decomposition" (1934), Akaki Tsereteli, "The Little Kakhi" (1941), López de Vegas "Chapter hay and Dog" (V. qushitashvilis stage), Ivan daraselis " Kikvidze "(1965), A.. Getsadze "Holy hell," Shalva Dadiani "gvirgvilianebis Family" (1967), L.. Kiacheli "Hakim adzba" (1970), N.. Hikmetis "qeqechi" (1972), Otia Ioseliani "Six Spinsters and a Man" (1973), Rezo Tabukashvili "raikomis Secretary" (1974), Alexander Chkhaidze posterity "(1978) and others. Worked in the West (1978) Honored Artist of USSR: Antimoz Rogava G. Tsereteli, Shalva Moss, David Gogichaishvili, K.. Tsulaia and others.

Historical reference is supposed that the name came back - from a (so found. Great Gori from Colchis "zugi / KGB 'hill, slope) or more geographic name zubi - from (zub - A great). Sources, the first mention in the beginning of the XVII century. Zugdidi Odishi Principality of political, administrative and cultural center. Also important was the Georgian mtsignobrobis locations. This amravlebdnen manuscripts. Literary work especially over Mr Dadiani II on the door, where he worked and Mamuka tavakalashvili Bardzim Vachnadze. XVIII century Bejan Dadiani worked on the door of Peter chkhataraisdze. Survived until the moghtseulia Dadiani tsigntsatsav kept in a rich collection of manuscripts.

East during the 1853-1856 war, in 1855 the Ottomans occupied Zugdidi. In November, the Georgian police arrested General - Major Gregory Dadiani Command destroyed the enemy. After the Russian Empire included. Samegrelo peasants rebellion (1856-1857) when, in May 1857, the city moved into rebel hands.

Climate: The climate of Zugdidi Sea humid subtropical climate, warm winters and hot summers. Is well expressed musonuri khasisatis winds. Sashualotsliuri air temperature is +13.8 degrees, the average January temperature is +4.9 degrees, August - +22.7 degrees. Year comes to an average of 1620 mm precipitation, which is the maximum - in September (165), while the minimum in January (107 mm). Sashualotsliuri humidity is 72 ‰, while the number of sunny days - 210 - S..

მასალის გამოყნება ნებადართულია წყაროს მითითების შემთხვევაში. თარგმნილია 2011 წლის 10 მარტს რედაქციის მიერ.

Use of the source material is allowed as specified in the case. Translated on March 10, 2011 edition of the.
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Other rooms in the text version available here

At this stage it is impossible to download the magazine. Numbers can be obtained inthe last edition of the (cost 100 GEL).

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Opposition is Preparing for “Spring Challenge”

Political opposition is embarking on a new course of fighting against the authority. The parties are going to back up the protest meetings in this respect. In Georgia a new hot political season will start from spring.

[Lela Chkareuli. 12:02 15.12.2010]
“Free Democrats” do not rule out to hold protest meetings for the purpose of putting pressure on the authority. “Democratic Movement” will confront injustice and terror with civil opposition. “Georgian Party” “will be well ready to meet any challenge by means of well organized army consisting of 50,000 men” in spring .

The party of Irakli Alasania is discussing the issues on holding protest meetings for the purpose of exerting pressure on the authority. Zurab Abashidze –Deputy Chairman of Tbilisi City Assembly talked about it while meeting with the students.

Abashidze explained the guests of Tbilisi City Assembly the functions of the opposition and disclosed the activity of Tbilisi Legislative Body and after that the meeting was held under the conversational mode. The students took a keen interest in ways of political activity used in the future elections by the “Free Democrats”. Their interest is mainly, by what ways “Free Democrats” intent to go on political fight.

In Zurab Abashidze’s words, formation of election lists and providing the population with biometrical passports are very significant for the “Free Democrats”. He referred to future plans of the party and said that “Free Democrats” think it possible to hold protest meetings with the purpose of placing pressure on the authority.

According to “Free Democrats” statement, the policy of current injustice and terror in the country will be confronted by the effective forces of civil opposition.

As the party of Nino Burjanadze said openly, today’s authoritative regime deprived Georgian population the right and chance for development, self-expression, future prosperity and high rank.

“Our party has underwent all the attempts of discrediting and chase made by the authority. 2009 Saakashvili’s regime turned tens of members and supporters into political prisoners. Due to different idea and irreconcilability they treated Amiran Bitsadze and Kakha Khandolishvili with terrible cruelty. The facts of their abduction and torture have not been investigated up to now”, - they said in Burjanadze’s party.

In addition, it is mentioned in the statement: “owing to the gravest condition, Georgian population have the only way out: to invite “Representative Public Assembly” of the whole Georgia”.

“Just the “Representative Public Assembly” gave a chance to the people to express their own will. Due to the decision made by the people, injustice and terror policy set by the Government was confronted by the effective forces of civil opposition. Public patrol institutes and Defender of “Representative Public Assembly” were established just for the above mentioned purpose. People will regain the deprived rights and restore justice! We are confident that as a result of our fight our people will really live in a free, democratic and just country “, - says the statement.

“Committees of Civil Disobedience will be set up in Tbilisi, but such committees will put in function all over Georgia in the nearest future”, - said Nino Burjanadze after meeting with the Discussion Body of the Executive Council of “Representative Public Assembly”.

Leader of “”Democratic Movement – United Georgia” says they are not going to hold aimless protest meetings and to abuse someone’s confidence. In Burjanadze’s words, the goal of establishing the committees is to root up fear the people are possessed with.

In Burjanadze’s opinion, the committees must provide their own examples that they are not scared of Saakashvili’s regime. In her words too, their actions and plans are directed just towards the above mentioned things. According to Burjanadze’s statement, those bodies that had been set up in the “Representative Public Assembly” were completed that day.

Mainly, Eka Beselia will be head of “Public Defender”. But Gia Burjanadze will be head of the body set up for the purpose of strengthening “Public Defender’s” institution. Gogi Kavtaradze was appointed as speaker of Discussion Body.

As Burjanadze says “Representative Public Assembly” will advance some more directions. Also the directions will be worked out that will contribute to emerging the country from crisis.

“Georgian party” starts to take active measures against the authority. Sozar Subari says that for 2011 spring, “Georgian Party” will be ready for meeting any challenge. Mass protest meetings are meant here of course.

“We strive to make structured political force. I can not talk on specific measures in this pass, but I want to note that “Georgian Party” has a lot of supporters”, - said Subari.

As the leaders of this party say, there is an exact made up plan under which, next year spring, “Georgian Party” will have a well equipped army consisting of 50’000 solders who will be ready for meeting any challenge.

In Subari’s words, it won’t be an easy fight but it will “surely” end by the victory – we are the advance guards of this victory and we are obliged to take responsibility for this country.

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