Court Dismissed Complaint by the Kviris Palitra and its Journalist

At the October 15 trial Tbilisi City Court dismissed the complaint lodged against parapsychologist Irakli Lomaia by the Georgian weekly Kviris Palitra and its journalist Khatuna Paichadze.

[Lana Beridze. 04:00 16.10.2010]

The editorial office along with its journalist has accused the parapsychologist of slander. In addition journalist Khatuna Paichadze, citing the humiliation of her honor and dignity as a motive, demands a compensation of GEL 50,000.

On July 2, 2010 the Kronika newscast on Imedi TV aired a report containing a record of the interview with Irakli Lomaia and an audio record. As it turned out in the course of the trial the audio record had been delivered to the TV company by Irakli Lomaia.

Irakli Lomaia accused the Kviris Palitra of the extortion of money from different organizations. According to the audio record Khatuna Paichadze was extorting money from him. The editorial staff considers the information has humiliated the business reputation of the newspaper.

In the course of the October 15 trial the judge said that Lomaia had truly slandered Khatuna Paichadze since the voice being heard in the audio record is not the journalist's. Nevertheless, the judge pointed out, the journalist hadn't been inflicted so much damage to impose a fine of GEL 50,000 on Lomaia.

Following the trial Zviad Kordzadze, the lawyer of the Georgia's one of the highest-circulation newspapers said reporting to that the court decision will be appealed at the court of the higher instance.

"The motivation of the judge is incomprehensible when saying that Khatuna Paichadze was slandered but she hadn't been inflicted damage," Kordzadze said.

"Irakli Lomaia's accusation against the Kviris Palitra on the extortion of money was disseminated through the 20:00 o'clock Kronika news not through any of the regional newspapers which has greatly affected the newspaper's business reputation," the lawyer added.

Earlier, in the course of the October 8 trial Irakli Lomaia's lawyers called upon the Kviris Palitra and Khatuna Paichadze to shake hands.

"I urge you to complete the case with an agreement. Let's shake hands and withdraw the complaint," Lomaia's lawyer Temur Tabatadze told the complainants. In addition, he said, an unsubstantiated complaint lodged against his client shouldn't be satisfied.

According to the lawyer Temur Tabatadze reported that Irakli Lomaia was really sure he was speaking to Khatuna Paichadze since he had been extorted money on her behalf.