Zugdidi - Georgia City, Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti and Zugdidi district administrative center. Odishi cultivated plain, the river edge chkhoushis altitude of 110 m height. Population 69 000 (2009).

... Zugdidi State History - Museum - Founded in 1921 Samegrelo mtavarta former palaces preserved in archives and on the basis of things. Placed dadianiseul 2 Palace in Zugdidi. The museum display at the side of archaeological (Paleolithic, neolitisa and Bronze Age objects) and ethnographic (rural - agricultural weapons, household items, clothing, housing structures - patskha, jargvali "," Ode "- and other samples) material. Presents the history of feudal reflecting eksponantebi. Samegrelo Dadiani last ruler of David and his family possessions. Dadianis Zugdidi historical palaces - the architectural exhibits are of world importance of museum exhibits and religious sitsmindeebi. Museum is located around the main Samegrelo Dadiani planted by the forest - 67 hectare park, which grow from around the world and brought many unique trees, trees and shrubs. Dadianis historical palaces - Architectural Samegrelo Palace Museum - is located in the complex (the Queen's Palace, nikoseuli palace, temple and palace mtavriseuli with the decorative garden). Dedopliseuli palace of XIX - The 60 - Jan worked in the former German architect Rice, before the Ruler of Samegrelo David's sister, was pupis Palace. Rice II floor of the arches and a wide wing daashena miushena. Nikoseuli XIX century palace - a 80 - Jan was built in the Russian architect Leonid Vasiliev's. Two-storey residence, decorated with stone balcony and Georgia, the biggest ball-room. The museum was founded in April 1921, the Ruler of Samegrelo David Levan, son of the old Dadiani nivtta repository - sagandzurisa Samegrelo and churches - monasteries gadmotanili Georgian Antiquities from the base. The funds reserved in the 50000 - to exhibits, the National (Bronze Age from Beginning of the end of the XIX century Dadianis memorial finished goods) and the European cultural heritage samples.

Zugdidi Drama Theatre named after Shalva Dadiani Zugdidi Drama Theatre, Drama Theatre Georgian Zugdidi. Stsenismoqvareta performances of the XIX century II half of the governed. The first play, Moliere "force a doctor," April 11, 1869, Anton has come purtseladzem. 1907-1908 he was in the Zugdidi Social - Democratic Party, a dramatic circle, E.. Sec. "Mushuri dramtsre, which united 125 stsenismoqvares. Members of the circle since 1915 ruled the literary evenings, taking performances. Then used to come to L.. Meskhishvili, Valerian Gunia, Shalva Dadiani elepter Andronikashvili, Alexander Imedashvili Vakhtang Urushadze and others. In 1932, Zugdidi established the first professional Drama Theatre, which in 1959 was named after Shalva Dadiani. Theatre for a new building built in 1932 on 11 August, the first plays presented by Nicholas Shiukashvili "Justice" (directed by George pronispireli) and Peter Samsonidze "bus" (Directed by G. Pronispireli and so on. Tsitsishvili). At different times in the theater worked R.. Kartvelishvili, V.. Daraseli, L.. Chedia, A.. Tarkhan - Mouravi, P.. Pataraia, G. Ioseliani, Gregory Lagidze, Sh. Mzhavanadze, V.. Mchedlidze, Vakhtang gariki, V.. Qushitashvili G. Gabunia and others. Over the years the artist tetr mushobda Irakli Gamrekeli. It is noteworthy performances from: Sandro Shanshiashvili "Anzor" (1933), Boris lavreniovis "decomposition" (1934), Akaki Tsereteli, "The Little Kakhi" (1941), López de Vegas "Chapter hay and Dog" (V. qushitashvilis stage), Ivan daraselis " Kikvidze "(1965), A.. Getsadze "Holy hell," Shalva Dadiani "gvirgvilianebis Family" (1967), L.. Kiacheli "Hakim adzba" (1970), N.. Hikmetis "qeqechi" (1972), Otia Ioseliani "Six Spinsters and a Man" (1973), Rezo Tabukashvili "raikomis Secretary" (1974), Alexander Chkhaidze posterity "(1978) and others. Worked in the West (1978) Honored Artist of USSR: Antimoz Rogava G. Tsereteli, Shalva Moss, David Gogichaishvili, K.. Tsulaia and others.

Historical reference is supposed that the name came back - from a (so found. Great Gori from Colchis "zugi / KGB 'hill, slope) or more geographic name zubi - from (zub - A great). Sources, the first mention in the beginning of the XVII century. Zugdidi Odishi Principality of political, administrative and cultural center. Also important was the Georgian mtsignobrobis locations. This amravlebdnen manuscripts. Literary work especially over Mr Dadiani II on the door, where he worked and Mamuka tavakalashvili Bardzim Vachnadze. XVIII century Bejan Dadiani worked on the door of Peter chkhataraisdze. Survived until the moghtseulia Dadiani tsigntsatsav kept in a rich collection of manuscripts.

East during the 1853-1856 war, in 1855 the Ottomans occupied Zugdidi. In November, the Georgian police arrested General - Major Gregory Dadiani Command destroyed the enemy. After the Russian Empire included. Samegrelo peasants rebellion (1856-1857) when, in May 1857, the city moved into rebel hands.

Climate: The climate of Zugdidi Sea humid subtropical climate, warm winters and hot summers. Is well expressed musonuri khasisatis winds. Sashualotsliuri air temperature is +13.8 degrees, the average January temperature is +4.9 degrees, August - +22.7 degrees. Year comes to an average of 1620 mm precipitation, which is the maximum - in September (165), while the minimum in January (107 mm). Sashualotsliuri humidity is 72 ‰, while the number of sunny days - 210 - S..

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