There are 59 political prisoners in Georgia

On the international day of Human Rights Defense, family members of political prisoners once again addressed the international society and diplomatic body accredited in Georgia and demanded release of the prisoners.

[Nino Mikiashvili. 20:10 19-12-2010]

In the name of political prisoners’ families, this event was organized by head of the association “Law for People” Zakaria Kutsnashvili, whose father Omar Kutsnashvili is acknowledged as political prisoner. talked with Zakaria Kutsnashvili on phone around political prisoners.

Which list have you published today and who made it?
Zakaria Kutsnashvili: this is a list made by joint set up commission of political parties and non-governmental organizations. This commission found some of the people as political prisoners after discussing and studying each case. We want to remind you that this is the list we presented Baiden when meeting him at Tbilisi airport and asked him to release the political prisoners a year and a half ago.

How many political prisoners were there in Georgia and how many ones are there now?
- On July 22, 2009, when Baiden arrived, there were 84 political prisoners in Georgia, six of them were sentenced under administrative law, but 78 ones – under criminal law.

According to 2010 evidence, there are 59 political prisoners who were members of the army, society and political parties. Most people among them are members of the society and servicemen. Number of the political prisoners decreased compared with the last year as rather a large number of people from different political parties were released.

In what way were they released?
– Mainly, by changing punishment form and term of punishment expiration. If only 7-8 parties had political prisoners and there were about 8 ones in each political organization, now only three political groups have more than one political prisoner. These people are supporters of Igor Giorgadze, Irakli Okruashvili and Nino Burjanadze.

How many political prisoners are there in each organization?
– 15 people were detained among Burjanadze’s supporters and the number went down to 3; There were 4 political prisoners who supported Okruashvili and today the number is the same; Among Giorgadze’s supporters there were 14 political prisoners and today their number makes up 12, two of them served a sentence and were released.

As for other parties, - “Conservative Party”, “New Rights” and “Republicans”, they each have one political prisoner; Zaza Chakvetadze is one more political prisoner from “National Forum”.

How many military prisoners, members of the society and political parties are there
among 59 political prisoners?
– 36 people are imprisoned from Georgian army and Georgian society. Among 59 ones there are members of political parties and supporters of political leaders.

This specific evidence implies to the fact that up to December 10, Georgia still has had political prisoners for a year and a half. True, after Baiden visit, representatives of political parties were released, but the army and the society are in a disastrous condition.

A year and a half ago, there were 84 political prisoners and this number fell to 59. The decrease is apparent, but I say again – in most cases the release was made owing to changing punishment law or serving a sentence. For example, terms of punishment of 7 people of Igor Giorgadze’s supporters will expire in March of the next year and they will be released too, but their paroling is not the favor of the authority.

We again asked the society on the international day of Human Rights Defense to accent on disastrous condition related to the case of political prisoners in Georgia.

In addition, on December 16, the action of Zaza Chakvetadze from: “National Forum” will be held. The family members of the political prisoner call the authority to release Zaza Chakvetadze in order to decrease the army of Georgian political prisoners by even one person.