Equipment Was Seized from Journalists Who Recorded Trip of President

On December 31, equipment was seized from journalists and member of the organization “Save Georgia” who recorded president’s trip in Zugdidi.

[19:32 12.01.2010]

Guga Lagvilava, correspondent for the Interpressnews in Zugdidi, reported that they recorded landing of the helicopter where president Saakashvili was sitting; they also recorded transportation of the president’s escort.

Police explained to them that recording of the movement of the president’s escort was illegal and seized equipment from them.

The MIA responded to the incident on the same day. According to the Ministry, police in Zugdidi detained Dato Sordia, Aleksandre Malashkhia, Alika Getia and Kakha Mikaia under administrative charge. They also detained Nana Pazhava, correspondent for the and Ilia Chachibaia, correspondent for the newspaper “Asaval-Dasavali”. According to the MIA, they insulted and physically assaulted Zugdidi district governor Aleksandre Kobalia and damaged his car. They also insulted Zugdidi policemen.

“The police petitioned to the court to fine the detainees instead imprisonment. On the other hand, the police calls upon everybody, including journalists, to work in accordance to the law,” it was said in the statement of the MIA.